Facebook Global word censorship

facebook censors goatse

With 1 billion users do you have some kind of free speech responsibility paper? Why a single word is forbidden for 500 million mouths? Do you have some kind of intelligent spam/bad word/malware filter? Do you ban me because I have already been marked as a spammer by my friends or you just make impossible to say something for all of us? The filter is working only for single words or you have some kind of semantic filter that censors certain meanings?

One thing is certain this message could not be posted on Facebook, because i just wrote Goatse.cx at the end of it. Okay? You do not agree? No problem, just hit Okay and shut up.

2014 update:
lately things have gone funnier. Facebook removed that allarming message and now simply shows the posted message with a grey color, and an anonymous warning sign, just like a common network error just happened. Too bad this happens when you try to post forbidden words, o just after you try to write something just after you have been “catched” with one forbidden word. (for example, try to write “goatse” and then try to write a message without that word in it”)


Funny thing is that now, in 2014 finally the word “goatse” can be typed in Facebook without any additional warning message.

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