dear Google, I need an historical index

why Search engines and Google should stop following business models around people and get back to show the world as a data source with a transparent history.

Let me see a wiki-like index for each search result, let me see the sources quoted in the content on each snippet!

Google was built with data in mind, and since the algorithm was born our idea of information changed. Today data is what a multitude* says it’s worth. If there was a time yesterday when data was absolute, today it’s relative, mutable, fluid and real time. Do we know the exact people that generate a constant flux of reliable data? Much of what we consider data relies on predictions of futures that may exist only in some niches. The ecology of information should be better known, meanwhile we just give computers to our children without a proper social/emotive training, and they build constant, unverified raw content.

Some years ago we won in our newsletter software niche (when i was a SEO for Sendblaster) because my boss first understood that we had to treat SERPs from the final user perspective, we were monitoring SERP’s clic through rates three years before Google made public their involvement in the results and years before the caffeine official roll-out.

Young generations live the web and the communication medias in a instinctive way, they forget to search what’s inside the people they are speaking with. Their ethics are born on their mistakes since there is no-one that can really speak to the new generations, they grow alone and they are asked to teach what’s technology to their parents. And there is no training to understanding what’s information and what’s advertising.

Now the userbase may be fragmented among Internet trend setters and simple lurkers or even worse… categorized as marketers.

I need a transparent search engine that explains how to re-connect data to reliable data sources, a search engine that admits its responsibility while influencing economy and web development.

Those Facebook messages have some interest for marketers searching for their brand’s success, and for countless other uses, and they also contain useful data on human experiences of the world. Private profile messages may be anonymized for privacy issues, but pretending that the social network still remains private is like living in a world with no maps or pictures of public places.

Thoughts change and they are useful only with the history of those changes.

*multitude: the concept of multitude is easy, it is a person who represents a multitude of people.

Update: seems someone else got puzzled with SERP personalization.

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