Loneliness You! Rascal

my wonder for abandoned places and industrial deserts is at a tipping point. Now that in America they have a second Torino, (they call it “detroit in a cool documentary” ) finally the hipsters can go inside modern ruins and paint everything like a child would paint his father’s work serious desk.

My father sometimes complains his generation did not left us a nice world to live, but I think that anyone can decide how to spend his time, building, painting or watching tv instead.

Just in front of my house there is a nice park, with an abandoned building just in the center. It’s pretty big, it used to be an hotel. Just like my past life, i see it every time i go to the station, and i feel what they call “interior landscapes“.

Images of a great past, that now fells in ruins it’s not just industrial archeology, the teacher told me also great emperors had a mythological vision of their roots, to justify a despicable present, mostly.

i feel like a bored Ulysses with the urgent need for new adventures. too bad the island is far far away.

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