Sharing the journey

I did not travel much in my life. Just few precise trips, one in America with Sebastiano, some holidays in Greece, a little part of Italy and a fantastic inter-rail around northern Europe. That’s why I can barely imagine the thrill that is shaking right inside Romain‘s chine, while he’s developing and studying his new trip around the whole world. Since I know that Romain likes daft punk as well as we do, around the world could be a nice sound track, even though that daft’s theme is a bit detached from reality, electronica have this effect, detachment: illusory sensation of travelling, into foreign dimensions with our will, and imagination.

This guy is doing it for real, he’s young and he’s planning his growth journey through adulthood. He’s like a young warrior, that uses words as weapons and plane tickets as shields.

There is also an imagination journey that he’s gonna do, while he’ll document each place, each person he’ll met, each suggestion that will impress his heart, and he will share the daily journey, podcasting for us, the people of the internet… because he’s one of us. We can spend our whole life at the bar in the street’s corner, we spend half of our life imagining things what will never happen, we study for the other half how to make our dreams real.

When i had the occasion to interview him about my worries, he was ready, with a tough link to his frequently asked questions page.

For me, and for those who want to stay updated on the journey, he’ll also send a newsletter.

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